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love with hurt
Wednesday • 19.10.11

yeahh !! i'm love it but it hurt to me .. who doesn't love back from school with bf .. i love that .. that was my first and i think that would be the last time .. you know i want that again and again until i form 5 and forever ... you know what i'm really love you .. yes ! i will do anything to make you smile and smile and said you love me only .. ya .. ya .. i'm know i'm not the perfect girl that you want right ? don't deceive me about that .. yes i know i only make you hurt .. you who say that , right ? i'm sorry for all my fault . i'm know i was wrong .. but , please don't hurt my heart .. i love you than everything .. you make me weep everyday . you also make me happy but , the happy was ending by hurting my feelings .. you are too perfect to me .. i love the way you are .. thanks for giving me the special gifts that never a guys gave to me .. i'm very appreciate .. you are in hospital ? why you didn't tell me ? i know you think i not the important person to you , but please tell me this serious things .. you know how much i worried about you .. if you tell me you were in the hospital i will go there to meet you .. i don't care if i have to go with bus .. you know i love you , love you than everything .. i want to be at your side when you are pain .. i know how much you suffer .. why you don't want to tell me the truth .. why you need to be secret to me ? you have to share with me your illness , i promise i will not cry in front of you .. you tell that you will be fine , i'm sorry , i know because i you become like that right ? 2 days you didn't go to the school .. you must tell me that you were in pain .. yes , i knew i facing exams now .. but , you are to important for me ,, i can't do all things without you .. i need you everyday , you always helps when i in trouble .. i love when you cares about me , i scared if one day you will leave me alone . i can't to go through everyday without you .. i wish you were here , i want to hear your laugh ,, i miss to jest with you .. i miss your pinch .. was i not enough for you ? does you need other girls ? please don't do like this to me .. let's me happy without tears everyday ..