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Wednesday • 13.7.11

sorry for all my mistakes ..
I know I was wrong ..
no chance for me?
 I can change for YOU..
 because I truly love YOU.
 YOU are everything to me.
without YOU I can be crazy ..
you never understand me ..
I always put up with your attitude ...
why YOU do me like this?
 YOU know what I really love you ..
if YOU want to know this is the first time I faithful to my boyfriend ..
I had no intention to trick YOU..
 before this, I was loyal to my boyfriend but not like this ..
 it was only for YOU ..
not another man but YOU ..
only YOU in my heart ..
no one can replace YOU ..
I just want YOU ..
please understand my situation ..
YOU remember what YOU did to me ..
YOU think I forget all that easy?
not once YOU do, but many times you make the same mistake.
YOU cheated ..
I want to ask YOU do not YOU ever wondered how I felt when YOU cheat?
YOU know what I am very sad to know that YOU are cheating behind me ..
how if I do that to YOU?
what are YOU going to feel?
I have no intention to reply what YOU do to me before .
I want us to remain happy forever ..
I do not want us to fight like this ..
who like to fight like this?
only tears will flow ..
no persuasion from YOU ..
your cold attitude towards me makes me more sad ..
Will YOU know how much I love YOU dear ..
The most sweet thing that happened in my life is to know with YOU ..
YOU give a thousand meanings to me ..
our love starts with happiness ..
 frustration came in my life ..
increasingly hurt ...
with your attitude,
your words ..
make my heart was hurt.
I put up with it all because I too love YOU ..
 never existed in me ..
disappointed that YOU did not appreciate my love ..
your reasons for cheating was that I was dishonest with YOU?
The most stupid excuse I have ever heard.
I was so excited when I heard your answer ..
haha .. !!
The most stupid answer YOU know what...