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Welcome and feel free to read the tales of my life. Glad if you could drop some words in my cbox. Love ya!
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Wednesday • 2.2.11

miss dia kot..hehe..tapi ann sapa dia tu ??let's it be secret..guess .i also don't know who is he ?who i miss ?stupid question..ask to your heart..yea yea ..haha..don't kn0w la..better single than couple..because couple makes me suffer..single makes me bored..haha..i rather single..it save my money from topup..haha..stingy la..whatever..how to break?give me idea..so bored have a boy that series in our relationship..that only royal to the one..haha..do i royal to him ??don't asks to me that question..if i hurt i will dishonest to him..haha..serve you right..speaking ja..macam la pandai sangat..haha..broken mistakes sah banyak..whatever lah..ada aku kesah..aku punya blog ikut suka aku punya hati la..don't busybody ok-ok? eceh..haha..